Totem Pole Art

Aboriginals have complex layers of totems deeply embedded in our Culture.

Our totems can be represented by many different natural objects, plants or animals which is inherited by our family as our spiritual emblem.

Our totems define our peoples’ roles, responsibilities & relationships with each other & with the Earth.

At Koori Kulcha we can offer a personalized totem for your business, school, pre-school &/or your home which can include different culturally significant emblems/words such as:

  1. The name of the Nation you are based within.
  2. Art representing Teachers & Students, Family & emblems representing your business*.
  3. The bottom half of the pole can be left blank if you would like to add children’s/teacher’s, employee or family handprints.

*Business representation may be dependent on availability of Aboriginal symbols.

When you order a Totem Pole with Koori Kulcha you will have included:

  1. 1 Totem Pole – approx. 2.4 – 3 meters high.
  2. Pre-prepped symbols painted on & their story explained in writing when the pole is delivered.
  3. Pole installation.
  4. X3 paint pots supplied for students, staff or family members to place their handprints on the pole.

For an additional fee we can also provide miniature desk Totem Poles which your students/staff can paint using their own designs.

Contact us to find out how you can include a beautiful piece of Aboriginal culture in your Garden or office foyer today!

Totem Pole Delivery with paint pots price $1,900.00 + GST

(Delivery included for Sydney, Canberra & Southern Highlands. Additional fee depending on locations)


Workshops available or we can deliver a how to guide with your mini totems & you can complete them with your students