KKE Youth Program

STAGE 1: Engage Youth

Our program is targeted towards youths who are either at school or at risk. The age group that we focus on is 12 – 18. On weekly basis the participants will be brought to the Kazcare facility to engage in the program. Participants will be brought together in groups of 10 with KKY leader assigned to each group.

STAGE 2: Provide Mentoring

KKY engages a wide range of mentors from Aboriginal Elder’s to well known Aboriginal identities. Our mentors will be available throughout the program and our participants will be provided with access to a forum to engage their mentors as and when required.

STAGE 3: Cultural Education

The program provides an in-depth Cultural awareness training including:
Indigenous History, Past and present Government Policy and the Social Impact, Art, Music, Dance, Sport and Food.

STAGE 4: Pathway to Koori Kulcha Experience Training Program

The participants will be given the opportunity to enter the KKE Training Program. The training program runs over a six month period and teaches skills required to be employed by KKE. During this period the participants will be given the opportunity to receive work experience.

STAGE 5: Provide support networks for Family

As part of the program we offer a unique system of support to each participant’s family as we believe in the holistic approach of program delivery.


As part of the program we offer regular fun activities and excursions.


To enquire about our Youth Program please fill out the Enquiry Form or Contact Us by phone or email.