Cross Cultural Training

Cross Cultural Training

‘Cross Culture’ is a unique in-depth training package that has been developed by Indigenous people, as is presented by Marie Barbaric who is an Elder, a child of the Stolen Generation, & founder & CEO of Koori Kulcha.

We start by taking you on a journey back in time where we explore the history of Indigenous people, & challenge perceptions on how ancient our history really is.

Our training is broken up into 12 modules –

1-4 – Time Line (including Stolen Generation)

5-7 – Explore issues of Identity, the landscape of modern Indigenous people & touch on dates of importance & the stories behind them.

8-11 – An overview of the rich cultural traditions both past & present through exploration of Dreamtime & multiple other traditions.

12 – A practical guide on how to engage more effectively with the Indigenous community.

(The sequence of these modules may vary depending on the availability of co-presenters).

We share our art, art making, culture, stories, cooking, Indigenous foods & flavours, dance & rituals in a way that illuminates what is truly beautiful about this lands most ancient people.

See below some of the companies that Koori Kulcha has provided training for across the years.

In both workshops our staff will be teaching & explaining what your teams are doing, what they can achieve by participating & aiming to create a light and fun atmosphere for your staff.

Our Cross Cultural Training goes for 3hrs & cost $120pp (Discount for over 70 people)

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